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LUCILLE (‘Lucy’) LODER WILHELM holds a BFA in illustration from Syracuse University. Over the years she has worked in different media.

About Lucy

After teaching art several years in the Boston Public schools, Lucy took up working in batik (wax resist and dyes on fabric, a medium to which she had been introduced while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in W. Africa). She maintained the Sundial Batik studio on Huron Avenue for 8 years during the 1970s and 80s and had her work shown in many exhibitions, both group and solo. Later while raising a family she transitioned to computer graphics in the software industry. Painting and drawing have always been her means of expression.  Recently retired after 20 years from an admin job at MIT, she is again happily concentrating on expressions of the world around her and attempts to put something in her sketchbook every day. These efforts are not always spectacular, yet they bring much joy.

About Karen

KAREN GOLMER is a Chemist with an MBA that likes to paint when she is not helping MIT grads commercialize technology.   Diverting from a technical career, Karen captures slices of life in bright, vivid watercolor.  Subjects are favorite places or people as composition elements.  

Karen has studied with Ken Hosmer, Paul Jackson, Philomene Bennett and Ed Fenendael.  She especially enjoys painting with friends.  Her work is in galleries and collections around the world and locally hung at the Village Kitchen and the Salon in Huron Village, featuring the recent collection of Huron Village scenes.  Karen is an associate member of the Cambridge Art Association.


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About Mara

MARA WAGNER teaches and practices at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis and makes art in her home, aka Treehouse Studio.  Beginning with blind contour drawing, a practice her children said would outsmart her inner critic, she moved on to collage, papier mache, stitching on paper, and now painting.  Sometimes  the new work combines several of these elements.  In contrast to a day job that is very studied, outward-focused, and quiet, her artwork is impulsive, playful, and less focused on technique.  The common element is curiosity and an access to unconscious layers of expression.

Mara takes classes and exhibits at Concord Art and Cambridge Art Associations where the Feedback Forums are great inspiration.  After a very surprising Open Studio weekend in 2018, she is taking her art life more seriously.  To this end she is committed to daily making something in the studio, if only a brief mark.

About Nancy

Nancy Ortega, artist and an administrator in higher education. Trained as a graphic designer from Parsons School of Design, where she received her BFA. Her earlier work involved creating replicas of NYC townhouses in wood and clay. After moving to Boston, Nancy continued her art and sold at the Society of Arts and Crafts and Susi’s Gallery in Huron Village. After years of raising a daughter and working as an administrator, Nancy has returned as an acrylic painter. Her focus and passion continues to be buildings with a strong focus on urban landscapes. Her current work are paintings of industrial city landscapes and urban rooftops. Her inspiration comes from walking city streets and transforming the experience to the canvas.


About Kim

Kim Starbuck is a Marine Biologist at the Urban Harbors Institute by day, and Nature Photographer by morning and night. Kim has always been artistic in nature, and enjoys painting in watercolor and oil, and drawing in charcoal and pastels. She took a particular interest in photography about ten years ago, as it combined her passions of environmental conservation, art, and travel.

Kim particularly enjoys photographing the birds and nature of Fresh Pond Reservation in Cambridge, MA. She loves sharing her photographs with the local Cambridge community and meeting neighbors who also appreciate the natural beauty found right outside our doorstep in Cambridge. She sells her photographs in the form of prints and cards through her Etsy site and posts photographs of Fresh Pond Reservation almost daily on her Facebook page.

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Kim received a B.S. from Tufts University and an M.S. from the University of Massachusetts Boston.