Mara’s Gallery

Mara’s new work!

Living Room Corner

Many Flowers

Cezanne’s Last Studio


Flower Collage

Mara’s work started with blind contour drawing, without looking at the paper, and she often returns to this practice. Many of her pieces begin that way.

Nefertari x 3… three heads of Nefertari, the less famous sister of Nefertiti.

Blueprint Figure

French Figure

Three Dolls

Self Portrait

Orange Heels I

Landscapes in various sizes also combine painting and collage elements.

A River Runs Through it I

A River Runs Through it II

Windy Tree


Small Town



These are small travel sketches in watercolor and water-soluble crayon.

San Miguel Cathedral I

San Miguel Alley

San Miguel House

San Miguel Cathedral II

Large and small abstracts may start with blind contour, and evolve from there. Sometimes they are just warm-ups.

Ship Rigging I

Big Fat Abstract

Ship Rigging II

Abstract Flowers


From the Sky


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